I loved photography ever since I was a young teenager and did my share of darkroom work. As a matter of fact I wanted leave high school at 15-16 and attend a photography school. My parents managed to persuade me to finish high school first and then study photography. It didn´t happen! I became interested in chemistry and biology and ended up as a scientist and professor of microbial ecology at Lund University, Sweden. It has been a good and awarding life. After my early retirement, a few years ago, I decided to leave science and start a new creative life as a photographer. I even took up my studies again, into my sixties, this time photography at Malmö University, Sweden.

What is so great with photography? I´d say it´s the act of capturing a single moment in history, or in time. Some people call it to shoot. No wonder many models were scared of dying in front of the photographer a century or more ago. Nowadays, I like to say that I´m making a photograph, not shooting or taking one. For me it doesn´t matter if I´m an amateur or professional. I want to make photographs that make people think or react to, or just feel something, like joy or anger. I am even glad if an onlooker just finds my photographs beautiful. To me, art should have an aesthetic value apart from telling a story. Maybe it sounds ambitious or appears like hubris, but I see myself as producer of photographic art.


2010 06-21/6: Spektrum, Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sweden
2011 5/3-3/4: Putting myself in the picture, Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sweden
2014 March: Sätt färg på Lund/Add color to Lund, Hotel Park Inn by Radisson, Lund, Sweden2014 10-26/5: Nära blommor/Close to flowers, Gallery Apostrof, Lund, Sweden
2014 26/9-4/10: Konst på stan/Art in the city, Clarion Collection Hotel Helsing, Hälsingborg, Sweden
2016 25-28/3: Kvinnans alla former/All forms of women, Maria Thorlund Galleri, Bankgatan 15, Lund, Sweden
2016 9-21/4: Utställning/Exhibition, Maria Thorlund Galleri, Bankgatan 15, Lund, Sweden
2016 3-11/9: Jurybedömd salong/Juried exhibition. Romelegården, Dörröd, Skåne, Sweden
2016 10-23/12: Konsten att ge – en konstbuffé/The art of giving – an art buffet, Maria Thorlund Galleri, Bankgatan 15, Lund, Sweden

Book illustrations:
2010: 100 gånger miljö, red. Helena Persson, SNF och Malmö Stad 2010.

My camera equipment:
Two DSLRs: Canon Eos 5D and Canon EOS 5D Mkll. Several lenses from 17-300 mm. I also use a Canon Powershot S120 compact camera. And, of course, my camera mobile.




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